One night in a presidential suite

Marina Bay Sands' presidential suite

How is it that a few Saturday nights ago I found myself at the Presidential Suite of Marina Bay Sands in Singapore?

In a very unlikely scenario where two deluxe rooms got upgraded to a presidential suite for free, 8 of us girls met up to celebrate a friend’s hen night.

The girls checked in at about 4pm and went for a swim at the infinity pool (it’s more like a zoo, really), and where I joined them for dinner at Ku De Ta later. After our meal, we decided to have a really laidback night in – snuggled up in our bathrobes watching “My Super Psycho Sweet Sixteen” on MTV.

After living in land-scarce Singapore for over a year, this was pure luxury. The amount of space that was available meant I didn’t know where to start – sit here in the living room? Lounge in the karaoke room sofa? Sit in the study and watch the bay from above?

Breakfast with a view

What Malaysian girls eat in the morning – our 7-Eleven breakfast against the million dollar backdrop of Fullerton Bay

The suite is about 500 square meters and apparently can cost up to $6,000 a night. As you walk in, there is a large foyer, with a mini gym and massage parlour to the right. It’s definitely designed for hosting important guests, what with amenities like a full kitchenette, sitting area and baby grand piano.

I felt so much like Annie Leibovitz shooting for Rolling Stones Magazine, picking up the pieces of these girls’ paraphernalia. Lingerie, cosmetics, mobile phones, bath robes, hair clips, shopping bags strewn everywhere.

That was a real once in a lifetime experience for me – so thank you to the girls who organised this amazing night in!


  1. Chicken Bizkit is not to be looked down upon. It is delicious stuff.

  2. wanphing says:

    Wow, you can even see it considering the photo is so dark!

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