The contents of my drawer

Sometimes the contents of a person’s drawer can tell a lot about their personality – the same with their office desk. Here is a snapshot of my office drawer, one out of three drawers on my side.

Winnie the Pooh Kleenex tissue box
Kleenex is the only tissue brand I buy, as I’ve recently become a tissue snob. I learnt to use Kleenex from a very good-looking manly flatmate I was living with in Manchester, who taught me that I should pay more for softer fabric to wipe my nose with. Shame about Winnie the Pooh, the designs are embarrassing to say the least, but I bought the stack because it was on offer!

Stash of leaves
This stash looks very dodgy, like something I used to see my university mates purchase off the back alleys of Piccadilly Train Station for £20. They are in fact, Yorkshire tea bags courtesy of my colleague. My supply of 240 PG TIPS pyramid tea bags from Auntie Wen in London has run out thanks to the formation of a tea club at work.

Kopiko “milko” sweets
From a packet of candy that I bought from Jakarta, Indonesia. The best part is, they are not for my own consumption but for distributing to hungry and tired colleagues in need of a sugar or caffeine boost. I have yet to taste a single kopiko candy since coming back from Jakarta last week and having bought over 100 of these little sweeties.

OSK Green Tea tea bags
One of the best Japanese green tea brands around, OSK does not taste like the cheap swirl you get from buying the Made In China green teas. OSK tea bags are the closest you can get to “real” Japanese green tea, and is even better than what you get in some of the Japanese restaurants around town.

Name cards with Edward Cullen and superhero badges
The only reason they are put together is because I need that clear box to hold them all in. Twilight badges are from PageOne’s closing down sale back in February, when I bagged the New Moon paperback along with three of these badges for $12. Superhero badges are from Cube Gallery in Manchester two years ago.


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