Thanking God for…

Cupcakes to celebrate the Community launch
  1. The AsiaRooms Community launch we’ve been waiting for the past three months
  2. Promotion at work to Online Editor and a salary increase – yay!
  3. A really good friend of mine who recently became a Christian. Can’t wait to catch up with her and hear all about it
  4. My travel writing program at MatadorU which I’m really enjoying
  5. A colleague’s swollen leg which got better ever since I prayed for her
  6. A Gold Class movie experience at VivoCity which was very exciting
  7. A talented writer who will start next month after I interviewed 3 candidates
  8. A prophecy over me about villages, coloured doors and changing homes


  1. I am thanking God for Wan Phing! :)

  2. wanphing says:

    Aww thank you Shin! Mwahhhh x

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