3 Amazing Things

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May has only begun, and already it has been a long month for me. But today, I have three things to be thankful about:

1) Received a lovely postcard from Portland, Oregon. It came from a childhood friend, J, who has since moved to the States. This is not the first time I’ve received a postcard from him, but somehow this one today really struck a chord with me. It showed me how faithful he was in keeping up with this simple act (I myself have fallen behind in doing so). It also showed me how as travellers we have lost this important habit of capturing the moment of a place.

2) Received a pay raise at work today. Every April in the workplace, our salary is reviewed and a pay rise is given to all employees. I’m so so thankful and grateful for the increment I received because it was more than I had expected! I can only be thankful for the amount of favour that I have received in my past three years with this employer. There were many instances when I’d wanted to quit, but everytime I stayed, I’m rewarded with something better.

3) Said goodbye to a friend moving back to LA. I saw on Facebook in the morning that a really good friend and sister of mine was already at the airport heading back to LA to be with her husband. I immediately rang her up, and our conversation was so short that I only heard her voice for 10 seconds. Later in the evening, she Whatsapped me saying how touched she was that I had called! I’m going to miss her but thanks to Skype, we’ll have plenty more date nights.

Thankful and grateful always!

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