Stories from boy schools

boys rocks

One Wednesday night, I ate dinner with two boys from my hometown. They told me all about the shenanigans of being boys in a certain mixed school, and they included:

  • Borrowing text books from girls of other class and scribbling “I love you” before returning them
  • Stealing text books from other students, erasing their name out using liquid paper and writing your own name on it
  • Stealing girls’ sandwiches from their lunch boxes
  • Stealing girls’ nasi lemak from their school bags
  • Stealing girls’ nasi lemak wrapped in newspaper only to find it’s a sanitary pad
  • Stealing fried chicken from the canteen stall and hiding it in your pocket
  • Distracting the canteen aunty while friends put fried chicken in their trouser pockets
  • Stealing slices of cheese from the burger stall and distributing it to friends
  • Splashing water on other boys when they’re taking a dump
  • Breaking the legs of a chair and then watching the teacher sit on it
  • Organising a trip to Butterworth to play snooker on a school day

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