3 more sleeps and I’m outta here


Can you tell that I’m really happy? For the past few weeks, all I’ve been thinking about is how I can’t wait to get out of my current place. I’ve been doing the T-minus in my head for weeks, to the extent that I feel I’m losing my focus a little bit. Every night I’ve been staying out as much as I can, trying to minimise my time in the flat. As I got a free movie ticket from work, I even watched a film I would otherwise have not – Despicable Me 2. Well, despite not liking the minions at all, I at least had the chance to re-discover the genius that is Pharrell Williams, who scored the soundtrack to the animation film. Goodbye Marine Crescent, you were good, but no longer good enough for me. Now listening to: Pharrell Williams ‘Happy’. T-3.

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