Reinvent yourself


I knew a man once who believed in the American Dream. He believed in it so much that he was willing to give himself up for a nation that he wasn’t born to. This man was willing to shed his skin, drop his accent and forsake the citizenship of his own country – a country that couldn’t love him back.

This man was happy to embrace a new way of life, a liberal way of life where he would not be judged for who he was or where he came from. He was free to be himself – or anyone he wanted to be for that matter. It was his chance at a better life, a chance to make something of himself.

I met this man one day and he was so happy with himself. He was also happy to see me and persuaded me to join him. He told me that I too could live the American Dream. But alas I declined his offer.

Our measure of success and prosperity differed, and I certainly could not see myself as part of the picture. Whilst he had a chance to reinvent himself, I had already been born again.

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