Alarm clock dreams

I wonder why I didn’t hear my alarm clock ring this morning.

I was having a delicious dream about Penang, where I was heading to McDonalds on Green Lane with my sister. It was night time, except for the warm orange glow emanating from the lamp posts along Jalan Masjid Negeri, and she was so weak from walking that I had to carry her bodyguard-style.

She kept slipping from my hands and I kept dropping her. Then I called my mother at home and asked her to get our younger sister to pick us up from McDonalds, on the side that’s heading away from town. (In real life, McDonalds is only on one side of the road, and in my dream, I had confused a newly-opened KFC on the opposite side with it).

My relatives were waiting at a round Chinese dinner table for us inside. My grandma told me to write my address for her, clearly and boldly into her guestbook. The dream ended there. I woke up, and I was extremely late for work.

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