Hello March

Hello March, you’ve come too soon. I had barely ended my reflection on 2013 when you pounced on me like a silent cat behind the cushion. Well, now that you’re here we’ve got to get moving. There’s loads to be done and as they say, time waits no one. Especially not you.

March, please be good to me. January and February were pretty awesome, so please be even better. Thank you for the two-week birthday celebration, which brought some of my greatest friends to bring me out for some of the greatest food on this island. There was coffee at Penny University, curry at Mustafa Centre and handcut fries at Brussel Sprouts (yummy!) And then there was #psawakening with Planetshakers City Church from Melbourne, where I spent four glorious days in KL with my older sister, driving around the city getting lost and stuck in traffic. And of course, that epic road trip from KL to Penang, accompanied by Axl Rose and Klaus Meine.

February treated me really well, too. Chinese New Year in Penang was the usual affair, and I’m glad to have enjoyed a 10-day break at home with my blood family, what with the crazy amount of McDonalds drive-thrus, Starbucks drive-thrus, si ko th’ng drive-thrus, pirated DVDs and late nights out eating. Back in Singapore, I went for two performances, one to see Toy Factory’s Romeo & Juliet and the other, my muse Yuna at the Esplanade Concert Hall (I love her style!). There was an impromptu day trip to Johor Bahru, a delicious brunch at Group Therapy and an even more impromptu night out at The Arts House to see a travel writer and photographer.

March, thou SHALT be good to me.

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