I’m so sorry for all the hurt I’ve caused you
All the mistakes that I regret from my past
They say you never actually sin against anyone
But that all sin is unto heaven.

Last year, I came crawling back to you
It’s been 15 months now
I could not move at the time
My legs were broken
I could barely walk so I crawled

I’m sorry for all the pain I caused you
I see now that you were right
That boy was bad news for me
Sorry, sorry please forgive me

I should have listened to you
But I wanted things my way
I wanted control of my life
To dictate my own path
I guess I don’t belong to myself
You’ve taught me that much.

I’m sorry, I’m sorry
Just please don’t leave me
To my own devices be.

You broke my bones
But at times I did want to kill myself anyway
So I’d rather you break them.

That boy was bad news for me
I saw that on Facebook this morning.

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