Pinny Bear and the Giant Strawberry

Why do bears like to eat strawberries?
Do bears like to eat strawberries?

Once upon a time, there was a cute little bear. She was beige in her entirety, except for a very cute brown nose and two curious brown eyes.  Her name was Pinny Bear, and she was born to a pair of Bear parents who lived in a tiny house in Green Ville.

She was called Pinny Bear because she liked to pin things. She loved to pin pictures on her bedroom wall, pin her dresses together, and even pin her hair to the sides in the days when she had luscious locks. Pinny Bear also liked wearing a pinafore (which you can’t see in the picture above because she’s eating her favourite Giant Strawberry).

Pinny Bear was the third youngest amongst her siblings. She had two older sisters, and they were called Chinny Bear and Binny Bear. She also had a younger brother, and he was called Linny Bear. Pinny Bear’s favourite food in the whole wide world were the Giant Strawberries.

The Giant Strawberries were a special breed of red and juicy strawberries that could only be found in Strawberry Hills. One cool evening as Pinny Bear was walking up the hills, as was her habit every evening after a hearty supper, she came across an unusually large Giant Strawberry.

“Chinny Bear! Binny Bear! Linny Bear! Look, a giant Giant Strawberry!” she exclaimed excitedly  to her two sisters and one brother, who often came on the evening walks with her. “This doesn’t look like our usual Giant Strawberry,” said Chinny Bear, who was the oldest and wisest among the troupe.

Pinny Bear picked up the giant Giant Strawberry and wrapped her short little arms around it as though it was a giant pillow. The others examined it with the same curious brown eyes born of the pair of Bear parents. It was soft and fluffy on the outside.. but who knew what was on the inside?

Before any of them could say anything, Pinny Bear had opened her mouth and was ready to bite onto the giant Giant Strawberry, when all of a sudden, she let out a little yelp and her short little hands flailed up and down.

Oh, if only you had seen what a poor little thing she looked! Her stubby little hands, her short neck, her tiny mouth, and in fact, her entirety, was now glued to the giant Giant Strawberry. It had refused to let go and was now stuck to Pinny Bear forever!

Chinny Bear, Binny Bear and Linny Bear tore and tore away with all their might, but the giant Giant Strawberry was so soft that it escaped their stubby little hands each time. Alas, it was getting dark and the four bears got tired. They had no choice but to leave Strawberry Hills that evening, with Pinny Bear and the giant Giant Strawberry in tow.

And so this was how the story ended. Pinny Bear went home looking forlorn, but in her heart, she was extremely happy to have her favourite fruit with her all the time. The picture above was how she looked for the rest of her life. In fact, it made her even cuter than before, don’t you agree?

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