The best and the worst of us

She left me to watch Django Unchained on the hotel bed, saying it was a stupid film and she was going to bed. I watched her spill black wantan gravy in Standard 1, and refused to get her a handkerchief thinking she was a drama queen. She sat in the front seat of my Alfa Romeo and watched me reverse into a Myvi, without looking up from her phone to warn or help me. I made her trek to Borobudur in the rain with me, with no food, no shelter and no lantern procession in the end. She introduced me to Benedict Cumberbatch, and then left him for Colin Firth and abandoned me at the height of fandom. I left her bag unattended in Sekeping and went trigger happy, only to be scolded when she came out from the toilet. She invited me to KL, but made me sleep on a mattress on the floor of her aunt’s rented home. She has seen the best and the worst of me, the highs and the lows, the glamorous and the idiotic. She listens to my sob stories and I listen to her sob stories. Happy whatever day, Pin. Don’t have to be any special day to say I love you very very much!

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