Still Yours

I am not a man that I should
Want to ride a bike
And prove myself worthy
As your ideal and of your time
Inside I am still a woman.

No amount of war or
Political injustice or history
Or bumiputras or conspiracy
Will ever connect but inside
I looked up to you.

Nor Black Sabbath nor
Led Zeppelin nor America
Nor windsurfing nor gym nor
Hollywood action heroes
Was I never first choice.

Your silence my biggest fear
Your presence my only desire
Your every look I coveted
Like I was never the intended
Apple of your eye.

Hey, I am your daughter
I am here, look at me
I may not be a son
Not a boy, not a biker
Am I not still yours.

I don’t feel First Class
Not the desired nor the ideal
I’m not the only one
But I cannot be undone
Did you settle for me.

There is nothing I can do
I have been born
And I won’t be gone
I am here entirely
For your approval.

The words unspoken
Are taken as agreement
Implicit by omission
Your denial of your love
The greatest measure of my worth.

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