And I Will Be

Breathe on me
And I will be well again
Say the word
And I will be strong again
Look at me
And I will be loved again
Say my name
And I will live again.

Rain on me
And I will dance again
Speak to me
And I will sing again
Gaze at me
And I will dream again
Hold my hand
And I will rise again.

Touch my skin
And I will be clean again
Wipe my tear
And I will laugh again
Touch my garment
And I will be healed again
Kiss my lips
And I will be home again.

And all the broken pieces
Will be glued together again
The cracks will smooth out
And I will be whole again
And the midnights
Will be mornings again
I will be two halves
And I’ll be alright again
And all my personalities
Will be one again.

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  1. This is so beautiful wanphing.

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