A Set of Three

one chair

What did one chair say to the other?
Nothing. They just sat there looking at each other.
Not all the time, and not in a creepy way.
There was a view, and they sat facing it.

At times, talking is not really needed.
Physical presence is so much more appreciated.
“Can I sit next to you?” one asked the other.
“Of course you may,” the other replied.

Then the stealing began, out of the corner of his eye.
The other thought she would notice, but she didn’t.
They were comfortable with each other.
They sat mostly in silence, just being themselves.

They like the look of each other.
Not that they were oggling at each other all the time.
They know they are made from the same material.
They have the same design, and the same maker.

They look quite plain and simple
But they are actually quite beautiful.
Their patterns are detailed, intricate
And they are wrought of solid iron.

There was even a nice table in the middle.
Together they complement each other.
But the table brings them together even closer.
Together they make a nice set of three.

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  1. Rajat says:

    impressive thought…………refreshed me mind

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