So many things made me laugh today

1. Bro is the new babe
First, a man called me bro. I made an awesome comment on his street photography on instagram, and his reply was: “yes betul to bro” (yes, that’s right bro). I think bro is the new babe, because he definitely knows from my profile photo that I am a woman.

2. Grave sucking
The second thing was reading Kris Vallotton’s Facebook post about “grave sucking”, referring to Christians who practice lying on intercessor’s graves in order to receive blessings, a la Elijah in the Old Testament. He said that Christians should not be spiritually weird.

3. Money where yer mouth is
The third was reading Stephen Leacock’s short story “My Financial Career” about a man’s nervous experience of wanting to open a bank account. His last line was: “I keep my money in cash in my trousers pocket and my savings in silver dollars in a sock.”

4. Lies, death and taxes
The fourth was reading Mark Twain’s short story “The Income-Tax Man”. His last line was: “I stood up and swore to lie after lie, trick after trick, wickedness after wickedness, till my soul was coated inches thick with false declarations, and my self-respect was gone forever.”

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