Notes (May/June)

The Sound of Coins (24/06/2015)
The sound of coins on our way to work, from the casino game of a man’s phone.

An Old Man Wears a Tattoo (23/06/2015)
An old man wears a tattoo on the inside of his right arm. Was he a bad person in his younger days? Is this the permanent mark of a man’s folly made from heady days? His skin is red around the mark. It must be itchy. Did he try to laser it off? He throws his cigarette into the drain. Bus 38 is here.

TODAY (28/05/2015)
Each day is a brand new beginning.
Each day His mercies are afresh.
Today is the best day of my life.

Hospital Lounge (26/05/2015)
$1 Georgia express white coffee
Veronica Mars on HBO HD
Caring magazine
Mood lighting
A product of the Coca-Cola Company

Night (23/05/2015)

Daniel Johns’s new album Talk
a glass of white wine
air-conditioning at 20C
a yellow IKEA lamp
and the lights from my harman/kardon

Tunnel (21/05/2015)
A tunnel has two openings – an entrance and an exit. The tunnel is dark but there is always an exit. I ask that this tunnel may not be too long.

Today (19/05/2015)
How did I do it yesterday?
It doesn’t matter, today is a new day.

Substance Abuse (18/05/2015)
Not stirring crystal meth or injections of any kind
Just coffee, juices and glasses of white wine.

Reflection (14/05/2015)
I saw my reflection in the elevator mirror today, saw the lines underneath my eyes, saw the formation of dark circles, and sketched out the lines of my face for when I’m an older woman.

Kellie’s Castle (13/05/2015)
At Kellie’s Castle last year.. a Malay guy and his Korean-looking hippie girlfriend.

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