Swans in Batu Uban (A Christmas Eve dream)

I left the office early on Christmas Eve and went home to take a nap. I dreamt that I was queuing up for food in my school canteen in Penang, but it was located by the side of a shopping mall. I didn’t know what I wanted, so I let the girl behind me choose first. I didn’t know that they were selling burgers only – I had expected buns, sausages and roti canai – so I ordered a daging (beef) burger.

I waited in line and saw how dirty it was. The man made it with his bare hands and he scraped off some charred meat and loose onions with his fingers. After I got my burger, I hurriedly packed my schoolbag because it was getting dark and I was afraid of missing my school bus. The girl in front of me told me how delicious it was, like Melbourne standard burgers.

Another girl and another man sitting nearby were also friends of my younger sister in Melbourne. I strapped both my Swatches onto my wrist and told them I had to rush. At the bus stop, I met two of my friends, and asked them if my bus had gone by. They asked what number it was and I said I couldn’t remember. One of the girls took out her phone and tried to get me a friend/chauffeur. I said, hey I know that voice over the line.

In the car, a guy drove the three of us, but he was sat on the left hand side of the vehicle. I said, hey you didn’t start the meter! Should I turn it on for you on my GPS? I wondered how he was going to charge me. He said, don’t worry I’m on my way to Batu Uban to see swans. I said, swans in Batu Uban? Yes, he said. But it was already dark at night and we were heading to an industrial area.

I woke up and it was already dinner time.

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