2017 has not been an easy year for me. Eight months have passed by, and I feel like I have been at a standstill for a year. I forget that I have achieved much, and that is why I am documenting them here. I hope that it doesn’t take me another year to write things down:

The first week of my January was spent in Melbourne still, where I celebrated my birthday at home with a chocolate cake and watching La La Land with my best friend and his wife. Much of my January was then spent at home, tying up the loose ends of the Singapore Tourism Board project and re-adjusting back to life in this sleepy island state.

In February I had a really great time writing 28 pieces of microfiction (one every day) together with the Penang Writer’s Group. We celebrated by going out to eat at Chili’s in Gurney. This was also Chinese New Year month ie. family month. An aunt from London stayed with us, I attended the Pai Ti Kong procession in Weld Quay for the first time in my life, and there was also a family dinner at Noble Season to commemorate my late father’s birthday. 

I spent most of my March documenting my family history and interviewing my grandfather with the hopes of writing his memoir. I also went down to KL for the Little Basket 2017 Anthology launch at Buku Fixi’s store in Sunway Velocity Mall and flew down to Singapore to be a panel speaker at the All-In Festival at SCAPE Orchard. 

Publication in Buku Fixi’s Little Basket 2017: New Malaysian Writing

In April I joined Camp Nano and finished the first draft of my second novel! It was my biggest relief and achievement so far. My London aunt came to stay again, and I spent one week in Melbourne for my younger sister’s wedding. My ex-landlady was also in town, and we went out for dinner. The best surprise was, I was reunited with my RICOH laser printer. In April, I had a freelance novel edit job. I ended my month by participating in the Northsantara ArtWave Festival in Butterworth. 

My best friend and his wife came back to Penang in May, so I spent most of my time eating, drinking, hanging out and hiking to Pantai Kerachut with them. After they left, I took a day trip to Singapore for a client’s brainstorming session. I had a proofreading job from an Australian client, was involved in a corporate shoot for M Galleria, attended a Manchester friend’s wedding in Rasa Sayang and witnessed another friend’s proposal by the beach.

June was a month of two firsts for me. I took on a full-time job at a local shopping mall as their Public Relations and Communications executive. I was so delighted to have a routine and stable income again. I also bought my first car, a white Myvi 1.5SE. My sister’s wedding celebration continued in Singapore and Penang, so it was a busy month. In Singapore, I was happy to have caught up with a friend over tea and scones at the new M&S Cafe at Wheelock Place.

July was another month of twos. I performed two of my Singpowrimo poetry at ‘A Night of Poetry’ at Talk Talk Bar – ‘Starbucks 18’ and ‘Ah Long’s Prayer’. I met up with two Germans – one my father’s friend and the other a high school friend. There was a large Raya Open House celebration at our mall, so it was busy and eventful. However, I left my job at the end of the month.

August is going to be a long month ahead, and I’m looking forward to two things; achieving more of my writing dreams, and securing some form of stable income. Till then! x

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