10 Good Things From 2021

Despite it being an all-round tough year, I want to count my blessings and remember the good things that happened in 2021:

  1. Celebrated Chinese New Year with relatives and friends in KL – because borders were closed.
  2. Made eco-friendly choices like recycling garbage and switching to reusable pads
  3. Wrote my will – because I was feeling morbid and Covid was pretty much pre-apocalyptic
  4. Signed a full-time contract with my employer – complete with EPF and SOCSO contributions
  5. Started taking supplements due to all-round Covid scares
  6. Got my Pfizer vaccines at Sunway Pyramid – my first choice
  7. Conducted a Zoom copywriting class for colleagues
  8. Published Two Figures in a Car and Other Stories with Penguin SEA and bagged two features with The Star and Penang Monthly
  9. Got an all-expenses paid trip to George Town Literary Festival 2021, including flights and five-star hotel
  10. Took four trips home to Penang despite the lockdown – Jan, Oct, Nov and Dec.
Image by @kiy_turk/Unsplash

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