Who invented the Chifa?

The Chifa book is a pictorial dictionary widely used by punters in Penang and throughout Malaysia for lottery games, and the artist who drew them was apparently my grandfather, Lim Chuin Wei (b. Zhangzhou, Fujian Province, China in 1924). The book lists numbers beginning from 000 to 999 and consists of 1000 pictures showing aContinue reading “Who invented the Chifa?”

Tulisan Beraneka (Assorted Writings)

Balestier House (01/07/2016) This morning I had a dream where I saw a beautiful house. It was an apartment unit located on the ground floor and it was in Balestier. I viewed the unit together with my younger sister from Australia. It had a fairly old and retro interior and the place was really cleanContinue reading “Tulisan Beraneka (Assorted Writings)”