Prayer breakfast with Tony Lloyd

On Saturday 14 March, King’s Church invited MP Tony Lloyd for a prayer breakfast meeting. The event was held in conjunction with Peace Week 2009, which saw a series of events being held in Manchester. The purpose of the prayer breakfast was to gather members of the community working across churches, shelters and other organisationsContinue reading “Prayer breakfast with Tony Lloyd”

Fame in 60 Seconds: Aileen Oh

This week I speak to Aileen Oh, who sews miniature toys for fun and blesses her friends with her handmade crafts. Aileen is a final year law student at The University of Manchester, and tells me she sews while watching anime on headphones because she has ‘nothing to do’ (but shouldn’t she be reading CompanyContinue reading “Fame in 60 Seconds: Aileen Oh”

Fashion, power and identity

Here is a copy of VOGUE China (July 2008) that I received from a friend who has just returned from Beijing. Giselle looks stunning in this blue Burberry dress – blue and blonde are one of my favourite combinations, and I’m all for big bracelets at the moment. VOGUE China launched in September 2005, withContinue reading “Fashion, power and identity”