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“Slowly, Slowly into the Night” (Straits Eclectic, Gerakbudaya, 2017)
“House of Malacca (The Principal Gal Anthology, 2018)

Short Stories

“The Roof Walker” (Ricepaper Magazine, 2017)
“Nadia” (The Tudung Anthology, Matahari Books, 2017)
“The Moths of Pearl Hill” (Remang: An Anthology of Ghostly Tales, Terrer Books, 2017)
“You Will Be With Me in Paradise” (, 2017)
“Snake Bridge Temple” (Little Basket 2017: New Malaysian Writing, Buku Fixi, 2017)
“Daughters” (VOICES: Woman I Dream, PWDC, 2016)
“The Ruby Case” (Singapore Love Stories, Monsoon Books, 2016)
“Two Figures in a Car” (Fresh Fiction from Singapore II, British Council, 2016)
“Curry of the Day” (Second prize at British Council’s Shakespeare Lives writing competition, 2016)
“Pentagram” (Shortlisted by Berita Harian Singapore’s Mencari Kristal writing competition, 2016)
“Graduation Trip” (Eastlit Literary Journal, 2016)
“The Cashew Tree” (Anak Sastra Literary Journal, 2016)
“The Last Day of January” (Fresh Fiction from Singapore I, British Council, 2015)
“The Infinity Pool @ Marina Bay Sands” (Second prize at British Council’s Writing the City quarterly competition, 2015)
“The Red Kemboja Tree” (Tales of Two Cities, Ethos Books, 2015)
“Oil & Water” (Finalist for Esquire x Montblanc Fiction Project, 2015)
“Radinka’s Train” (Rojak: Stories from the Singapore Writer’s Group, CreateSpace Press, 2014)


“Why do you cross the border every morning?” (Contrappasso Magazine, 2015)
“Wives to Many Single Men” (Saudade Magazine, 2015)
“Ai Cheng Si Cincia Kantan Nia (Love is a very simple thing)” (Singpowrimo Anthology, Math Paper Press, 2014)
“Starbucks 18” (Singpowrimo Anthology, Math Paper Press, 2014)
“Ah Long’s Prayer” (Singpowrimo Anthology, Math Paper Press, 2014)
“Buy/Sell” (Singpowrimo Anthology, Math Paper Press, 2014)
“Causeway Lives” (Text in the City, The Arts House, 2014)