Reviewing my January to April 2021

I ushered in the New Year in January with a small birthday celebration at work and a lunch treat by colleagues – very thankful for them. Not much else happened except for a short “rescue” weekend to Penang to collect my cousin’s two cats due to the fear of another lockdown. I spent that one-nighterContinue reading “Reviewing my January to April 2021”

Reviewing my November & December 2020

My happy November was spent entirely in Penang working from home. There I ate lots of home-cooked food, took many jogs around the Sungai Ara park and discovered a new hiking trail near my house called Emperor Villa. I also had a few days out in George Town discovering new places on Lebuh Melayu; BaoContinue reading “Reviewing my November & December 2020”

Reviewing my September & October 2020

September was relatively quiet because even though my flatmate was back, she was out a lot visiting friends, family and going on road trips throughout Malaysia. So I spent my time reading her four Harry Potter books, beginning with The Philosopher’s Stone, Chamber of Secrets, Prisoner of Azkaban and Goblet of Fire. I’d actually read theContinue reading “Reviewing my September & October 2020”