No, no, November

November passed by really slowly at first, then in the last week it flew by and suddenly it was over. I started off the month trying to rush out two short stories – and I ended up writing “Two Figures in a Car” for Epigram Books and “One Last Time” for Fixi Novo. I spentContinue reading “No, no, November”


A tribute to the annual haze Jerebu, jerebu Membebaskan udara kelabu Datang menjenguk Sambil mengangguk Jerebu, jerebu Mata direnjis debu Nafas kian terganggu Dan fikiran bercelaru Jerebu, jerebu Melancong dari Pekanbaru Hidung tersedut hangus Dan tubuh diliputi kabus Jerebu, jerebu Alam kian menjemu Jalan raya sunyi sepi Bagai apokalips zombi Turunlah hujan dari awan SementaraContinue reading “Jerebu”

A Singing Bird is Caged

Have you ever seen a dwelling place so dense? Where every man erects an invisible fence Claiming their territory, claiming their ground All the while looking 300 feet down It’s a graveyard for the living Stacked like cabinet filing For widows and young professionals Who die from the weight of expectation Where wars are wagedContinue reading “A Singing Bird is Caged”

When September ends

September breezed by knowingly, yet unknowingly. I had just come back from the Bloom Women’s Conference in KL and landed straight at home to attend a beautiful wedding at Parkroyal on Pickering. Then I was off to the Design Film Festival, spending my hard-earned money on Barbicania, 808 and Iris, three films I really enjoyedContinue reading “When September ends”