Fashion, power and identity

Here is a copy of VOGUE China (July 2008) that I received from a friend who has just returned from Beijing. Giselle looks stunning in this blue Burberry dress – blue and blonde are one of my favourite combinations, and I’m all for big bracelets at the moment. VOGUE China launched in September 2005, withContinue reading “Fashion, power and identity”

Soap imperialism

Imperialism is a dense and complicated subject, and these soap adverts show us the culture and mindset of a particular people (British colonialists) towards another (non-British/white) during a certain period in history. In the advert shown here, a black baby becomes white after using Pears’ soap to wash. This infers that the black skin isContinue reading “Soap imperialism”

What’s in a name?

Can someone explain why models hardly ever get their full names mentioned in fashion spreads? I was reading the papers today and found this: Photographed by Zac Frackelton Styled by Eve Thomas Hair and make-up: Zoe Taylor, using Aveda and the Chanel spring/summer 09 make-up collection Model: Amy at Elite It is common to seeContinue reading “What’s in a name?”