The Gods and Their Audience

There are some men who sit by the pool but do not swim. Their legs are in the water but they are lying with hands behind their backs. Like statues of the Roman Gods, their chests are bare for all to see, fresh from the elixir of the Gymnasium Practice. They sit there as ifContinue reading “The Gods and Their Audience”

Change, here it comes again

The Yummi Chiffon place has closed down. Have I been in the central business district so long that I have outlived the cafés and restaurants that continue to open and close over these past three years? So has the Jollibean two shops down. The only thing that is left on that row at Tanjong PagarContinue reading “Change, here it comes again”

The problem with infatuation

infatuation n. an intense but short-lived passion or admiration for someone or something; a foolish, unreasoning or extravagant passion or attraction. The problem with infatuation is this – it comes quickly like a rushing wind, and from out of nowhere it seizes your entire being so that your normal functions are incapacitated. The problem is preciselyContinue reading “The problem with infatuation”

There can only be one Bruce Lee

I always wondered why Bruce Lee was so good-looking for a Chinese man. But more than that, I wondered what made him so attractive, not just to me but to millions of people worldwide over the decades. On a recent flight to Melbourne, I managed to watch I Am Bruce Lee (2012), a 90-minute documentary aboutContinue reading “There can only be one Bruce Lee”