melbourne (like jason bourne)

in melbourne, like jason bourne. hopped on a jetplane, watched big bang theory. the best pho’ in the world is in st albans, the best thai in the world, on lygon street. a day out in daylesford, a hot afternoon in mill’s market, coffee at brother bubba budan, on little bourke st. miss my woolworths,Continue reading “melbourne (like jason bourne)”

The Arab and his Chinese girlfriend

Once upon a time, there was an Arab who had a Chinese girlfriend. The Arab was dark, short and stubby, while the Chinese girl was tall, fair and skinny. The Arab had flown all the way to England to visit the Chinese girl, who was living and working in London. Everyday, the Arab would waitContinue reading “The Arab and his Chinese girlfriend”

Comparing notes

On a recent trip to KL, I found myself sitting cross-legged on the living room marble floor, sorting out my Singaporean currency from my Malaysian currency. At this, my friend, J, began her investigation into how Malaysia could be better than Singapore simply by comparing notes. 1. Ours is shinier! Malaysia’s has a silver strip,Continue reading “Comparing notes”