Old soul of this city

I am the Old Soul of this City Please don’t kill me. Don’t break my windows Destroy my pillars. Where are my mosaic pavements My picture houses with balconies My grandfather’s house My mosaic tiles. My Peranakan treasures Don’t rob my grandchildren Sell my soul to developers The city lights they blind me. I amContinue reading “Old soul of this city”

Superman from the supermarket

Look who I brought home from the supermarket last night! It’s none other than Superman himself. Since the ghosts have gone and Mid-Autumn Festival is fast approaching to brighten up our lives, I thought I’d bag myself a Clark Kent t’ng long (lantern) from Giant supermarket. Forget the equinox, the harvest or the deities. ForgetContinue reading “Superman from the supermarket”

Only in Malaysia…

A National Day tribute to Malaysia, tanah tumpah darahku. All pictures taken in KL and Subang Jaya. Now, here is my Top 10 ‘only in Malaysia’… Does Daulat Tuanku feature above F1 Does ah beng leave his helmet outside Madam Kwan’s Are there priority parking spaces for single female drivers Is the gagang telefon alwaysContinue reading “Only in Malaysia…”

Four days in KL

Four days in KL and so much to shout about. The Malaysian landscape. Imam melaungkan azan. Pandu lalu KFC. Surat khabar lama. Ramadhan bazaar. Sunway Lagoon’s keseronokan tanpa henti. Tomahawk, Pirate’s Revenge. Lost City of Gold, Butch Cassidy’s Trail, Apache Pots, Wagon Wheel, Grand Rapids. 15 Royce’s tiramisu wafers 12 macarons from TWG 9 ridesContinue reading “Four days in KL”

Bring dialect back

Teddy and wanphing’s trilingual conversation in English, Hokkien and Malay Calling all ethnographers and social commentators. In 1965, Tunisian-Jewish author Albert Memmi lamented on “the tortures of colonial bilingualism” in his book The Colonizer and the Colonized. He described how native tongues in Third World countries are crushed by those of its colonial masters’. ThisContinue reading “Bring dialect back”