Tulisan Beraneka (Assorted Writings)

Balestier House (01/07/2016) This morning I had a dream where I saw a beautiful house. It was an apartment unit located on the ground floor and it was in Balestier. I viewed the unit together with my younger sister from Australia. It had a fairly old and retro interior and the place was really cleanContinue reading “Tulisan Beraneka (Assorted Writings)”

Swans in Batu Uban (A Christmas Eve dream)

I left the office early on Christmas Eve and went home to take a nap. I dreamt that I was queuing up for food in my school canteen in Penang, but it was located by the side of a shopping mall. I didn’t know what I wanted, so I let the girl behind me chooseContinue reading “Swans in Batu Uban (A Christmas Eve dream)”

Weird dreams make good writing prompts for creative fiction

It has been an oversleeping kind of weekend. Afternoon naps that ended up in insomnia that ended up in oversleeping and waking up in the afternoons. Oversleeping also means light sleeping, and light sleeping means dreaming dreams that you can remember as soon as you wake up. I found myself in a grand golden marbleContinue reading “Weird dreams make good writing prompts for creative fiction”