Somewhere between waking and sleeping

Often our most vivid dreams are those had during our lightest sleeps. For me, they usually occur somewhere between waking and sleeping, those hours in the morning when I know I should be getting up but just want to lie in for a bit more. Two mornings ago I had one of those. It feltContinue reading “Somewhere between waking and sleeping”

The European dream

Aunts Christine and Becky in London c.1960 Many have heard of the American Dream, but few have heard of the European Dream. The American Dream for many is the pursuit of freedom and happiness in a land rich in opportunity and resources to achieve a better, richer and fuller life. The European Dream, however, mayContinue reading “The European dream”

A bizarre dream involving elevators, planes and cocktails

This morning I had a really bizarre dream. My friend J had moved into Chandos Hall and we were going to visit her room on the 7th floor. I told her that I used to live in Chandos Hall too, and was counting in my head if the 7th floor was also Floor H whichContinue reading “A bizarre dream involving elevators, planes and cocktails”