Twitter news feed (24/10)

Leonardo Di Caprio as Billy Costigan from a deleted scene in The Departed (2006) Now that I have deleted my Twitter account, I am experiencing withdrawal symptoms and so am going to create a small bank of thoughts here: 1. Want to go to New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MOMA). 2. Researching Philippines atContinue reading “Twitter news feed (24/10)”

A bite-size brain in a world of trivia

A short essay defending the reasons I quit Twitter How do you explain Twitter to someone who hasn’t a clue? Like Facebook status updates in 140 characters? A micro-blogging phenomenon? News for those with short attention span? I have been an active user of Twitter since July 2008 but have recently quit. It has beenContinue reading “A bite-size brain in a world of trivia”

Deactivated to find inner peace

To commemorate the movie The Social Network released today in UK cinemas, I have decided to deactivate my Facebook account! Following in the footsteps of Andrew Garfield who plays Mark Zuckerberg’s betrayed co-founder, Eduardo Saverin, I have decided I would rather spend more time reading books, magazines, watching DVDs and hanging out with physical fleshContinue reading “Deactivated to find inner peace”