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Twitter feed (29/12)

A trail of thoughts as the month comes to a close… 11 Dec: We are all unique and diverse yet one in Christ 12 Dec: My parents love to travel. … Continue reading

December 29, 2010 · 2 Comments

Twitter feed (12/12)

I knew quitting Twitter was a bad idea, because here I am trying to get all my random, disconnected one-liners out! It’s like having mental constipation. 1. Feeling really homesick … Continue reading

December 12, 2010 · Leave a comment


9pm. Mindlessly folding pop socks while listening to John Mayer. 10.25pm. Cannot resist the urge to cut things out of magazines. Help, it’s like an addiction!

November 17, 2010 · Leave a comment

Twitter news feed (24/10)

Leonardo Di Caprio as Billy Costigan from a deleted scene in The Departed (2006) Now that I have deleted my Twitter account, I am experiencing withdrawal symptoms and so am … Continue reading

October 24, 2010 · Leave a comment

A bite-size brain in a world of trivia

A short essay defending the reasons I quit Twitter How do you explain Twitter to someone who hasn’t a clue? Like Facebook status updates in 140 characters? A micro-blogging phenomenon? … Continue reading

October 18, 2010 · Leave a comment

Deactivated to find inner peace

To commemorate the movie The Social Network released today in UK cinemas, I have decided to deactivate my Facebook account! Following in the footsteps of Andrew Garfield who plays Mark … Continue reading

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New vote for October

It’s the time of the month again for a new vote. Last month’s poll was: should tourists be charged a higher price to enter local attractions? The result was a … Continue reading

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The Happy Meal verdict

Thank you to all loyal readers who voted on last month’s poll “Is it sad for adults to eat Happy Meals?” A resounding 70% of you voted NO! on the … Continue reading

June 15, 2010 · Leave a comment

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