Shin & Wan Phing’s 2nd show

Shin & Wan Phing are back with our second episode. This time we look for sponsors to replace our laopok (lousy) mic and promote the award-winning Arndale toilets in Manchester. This leads to more important discussion like toilet phobias, Tyra vs. Oprah and why you should never self-diagnose on the web. The Shin & WanContinue reading “Shin & Wan Phing’s 2nd show”

Anatomy of an Interview

Here is an interesting article by Catherine Bray, deputy editor of 4Talent magazine on interviewing techniques for journalists. Entitled ‘What your course won’t teach you: the dos and don’ts of interviewing the good, the bad, and the reluctant’, she lays down a few insightful tips. I include some of my own experiences at the bottomContinue reading “Anatomy of an Interview”