Just from looking at a skirt

This morning I forgot about the game. The game where I spot Mr and Mrs Cole first before they spot me as we walk in opposing directions to work on Market Street. Most of the time I lose, because I am either looking at my feet or listening to music. Once I had Dave EmmettContinue reading “Just from looking at a skirt”

What men should look like

I have been leafing through men’s magazines lately, and I don’t mean that sort of men’s magazine, you silly sausage. ShortList is one that I’ve followed for years because: 1. It’s free 2. Has good quality paper 3. Love the size, layout and picture quality 4. Has big names on the cover 5. Has greatContinue reading “What men should look like”

Fame in 60 Seconds: Judith Yeoh

Judith Yeoh is a Malaysian fashion designer based in Kuala Lumpur. She has represented Malaysia at the 2006 Lancome Color Design Awards in Paris while still at college. For over two years Judith was head designer at Sofira, a luxury clothing brand in Kuala Lumpur. But the 25-year-old now has her own wedding fashion labelContinue reading “Fame in 60 Seconds: Judith Yeoh”