Divine intervention – from Creation to Closet

Sarah Divine is a wonderful friend of mine from King’s Church, Manchester. Originally from Douala in Cameroon, she has recently created a fashion line called Maison d’Afie. Sarah was a high-flyer in her accounting career before pursuing her life-long dream as a fashion designer. She talks to me about growing up as a seamstress’ daughter,Continue reading “Divine intervention – from Creation to Closet”

Fashion, power and identity

Here is a copy of VOGUE China (July 2008) that I received from a friend who has just returned from Beijing. Giselle looks stunning in this blue Burberry dress – blue and blonde are one of my favourite combinations, and I’m all for big bracelets at the moment. VOGUE China launched in September 2005, withContinue reading “Fashion, power and identity”

Fashion ni hao

Ni hao from Dolothy Perkins I have something to show you, and it’s Dorothy Perkins’ Oriental-looking mannequins. Will you take a look at this! This photo was taken from their branch at Manchester’s Arndale. First TOPSHOP did it with black models, now look where they’ve “progressed” to. It’s positively racist BUT wicked! Reminds me ofContinue reading “Fashion ni hao”

Du Juan for Chinese VOGUE

Du Juan is my favourite Chinese model, in fact, she is also China’s favourite model. Du Juan is in almost every issue of VOGUE China, on top of other international fashion shoots she does. I think it’s time for other Chinese models to rise to the ranks, don’t you think? But we still can’t getContinue reading “Du Juan for Chinese VOGUE”