Shakespeare win

In April this year, I had the great honour of winning second prize at a Shakespeare-themed writing competition. It was organised by the British Council in conjunction with a monthly writing group that I am part of, called Writing the City. Thanks to my friends who came to support me at the prize-giving ceremony, which … Continue reading Shakespeare win

The Death of A Chocolate Bar

Chocolate bars do not die an instantaneous death. They die a kind of slow, poetic death where after a part or a whole of their bodies fall off, they are left to burn in the sun, their flesh turning from solid to liquid. When flesh hits concrete, molecules react. Melanin is produced, energy is diffused, … Continue reading The Death of A Chocolate Bar

He Looks Like A Transformer

There, don’t you see him? That’s his eye, his right eye. It’s gleaming in the daytime, reflecting the sunshine from outside. He looks like a serpent. His nose is buttoned up, his nostrils kept under control from flaring. The metal grids on his lower cheek substitute for his scales. He’s touching the curb. Maybe when … Continue reading He Looks Like A Transformer