The Tale of Swan & Bear

Once upon a time, two friends lived in a small town called Artistry Village. One was called Swan, and the other was called Bear. Swan was six years old, while Bear was a little younger at five and a half years old. Swan was a beautiful and graceful little creature, who always wore her bestContinue reading “The Tale of Swan & Bear”

How to write a good story

The key to writing a good story is simple: 1. Show, don’t tell. Give details that will let the reader realise for themselves what is happening. 2. The story must progress. The story must have a progression and plot that moves it forward. It cannot be simply describing a scene. 3. Create concrete characters. CreateContinue reading “How to write a good story”

The Autobiography of a Coffee Bean Cup

I am a Coffee Bean cup and I live in Singapore. I was born in Senai, Johor, a small industrial town in the fifth largest state in Malaysia. I lived close to the Senai Airport, where the low cost airline AirAsia drops off many of its passengers in this southern state of Malaysia and inContinue reading “The Autobiography of a Coffee Bean Cup”

Four weird hobbies

One hot afternoon in the central business district of Singapore, four friends went out for lunch and talked about their weirdest hobbies ever. The first girl told us about her love for Hollywood musicals like Singin’ in the Rain (1952). This was, of course, uncommon for young adults our age, so we thought, “Yeah, prettyContinue reading “Four weird hobbies”

A science fiction short story

Written by my cousin Shen… Somewhere in space, in a later time of space-time-continuum (about 600 years from now), a large 4,500 meter long craft cruises slowly in an asteroid field, mining from the ore-rich asteroids. It has been doing that for the last 2 months, collecting ore to be processed back home. The shipContinue reading “A science fiction short story”