The Night Lights of Kuala Lumpur

The night lights of Kuala Lumpur emanate a surreal orange glow. It is tinged with the blue of commerce nearby, and it lines the Lebuhraya KLIA Extension (E6) and the Expressway Lingkaran Tengah (ELITE). The night lights of Kuala Lumpur are witness, to many incidents, circumstances, conversations and all activity after dark. The night lightsContinue reading “The Night Lights of Kuala Lumpur”

Don’t focus on the negatives

So I was on a 5-hour bus journey from Subang to Singapore. It was evening and the sky was getting dark. Most passengers had drawn the curtains and were ready for a snooze. But the man across the aisle from me was reading a bank contract on his laptop. The light from his screen wasContinue reading “Don’t focus on the negatives”

Comparing notes

On a recent trip to KL, I found myself sitting cross-legged on the living room marble floor, sorting out my Singaporean currency from my Malaysian currency. At this, my friend, J, began her investigation into how Malaysia could be better than Singapore simply by comparing notes. 1. Ours is shinier! Malaysia’s has a silver strip,Continue reading “Comparing notes”

Only in Malaysia…

A National Day tribute to Malaysia, tanah tumpah darahku. All pictures taken in KL and Subang Jaya. Now, here is my Top 10 ‘only in Malaysia’… Does Daulat Tuanku feature above F1 Does ah beng leave his helmet outside Madam Kwan’s Are there priority parking spaces for single female drivers Is the gagang telefon alwaysContinue reading “Only in Malaysia…”