Diet pepsi skinny can

This is by far the smartest ad I’ve ever seen. I spotted it in last month’s VOGUE and this month’s ELLE. One look and it actually made me feel as though I could become skinny just by drinking Diet Pepsi… This ad is powerful because its messaging is crystal clear. Only two elements are usedContinue reading “Diet pepsi skinny can”

What men should look like

I have been leafing through men’s magazines lately, and I don’t mean that sort of men’s magazine, you silly sausage. ShortList is one that I’ve followed for years because: 1. It’s free 2. Has good quality paper 3. Love the size, layout and picture quality 4. Has big names on the cover 5. Has greatContinue reading “What men should look like”

Fashion, power and identity

Here is a copy of VOGUE China (July 2008) that I received from a friend who has just returned from Beijing. Giselle looks stunning in this blue Burberry dress – blue and blonde are one of my favourite combinations, and I’m all for big bracelets at the moment. VOGUE China launched in September 2005, withContinue reading “Fashion, power and identity”