The Speed of Change

Three years and three months in Singapore and I’m still getting used to the speed of change here in this country. I have complained in the past about how disorientating and transient it feels. Coming from a sleepy island background that is run by an equally laidback and inefficient government, rapid physical and environmental changeContinue reading “The Speed of Change”

Inspired by Le Corbusier

One Saturday morning, I found myself in The Living Room of the Pan Pacific Serviced Suites, a serviced apartment in Singapore that I was reviewing for a night. The Living Room on the mezzanine floor is their library cum lounge area, complete with Macbooks, paperbacks, plush sofas, soft carpets, an Xbox corner and plenty ofContinue reading “Inspired by Le Corbusier”

The contents of my drawer

Sometimes the contents of a person’s drawer can tell a lot about their personality – the same with their office desk. Here is a snapshot of my office drawer, one out of three drawers on my side. Winnie the Pooh Kleenex tissue box Kleenex is the only tissue brand I buy, as I’ve recently becomeContinue reading “The contents of my drawer”

Graffiti collection

A collection of the best and funniest graffiti spotted during my time in Europe, from the superbly skillful to the banefully basic. Close to the University of Amsterdam, Dec 2010 At the corner from a psychedelic cafe I was dining at Close to the University of Amsterdam, Dec 2010 In a very dodgy area IContinue reading “Graffiti collection”