The best of 2010

It’s never too late to reflect on anything, so here is the best of my 2010: The year I landed my first job after graduation. The year I went back to ground zero in writing. The year I saw a lake in Delamere Forest and my heart almost stopped. The year I wrote stories, ateContinue reading “The best of 2010”

Another set of Manchester pictures

the weather has been great this week and when the sun comes out, the kids go out to play so i went traipsing around the city with my camera phone trawled the city for hidden gems looked at the ordinary + saw the extraordinary so here on display another set of photos on manchester granadaContinue reading “Another set of Manchester pictures”

New Year resolution report

“The making of resolutions implies a felt need for transformation of some kind.” – Antony Billington, LICC How are the resolutions looking this far into January? In my Christmas post I talked about making realistic resolutions. This year I made only one, because one is a realistic number, and it is to stop having milkContinue reading “New Year resolution report”