Christmas present complex

complex n. a system of interrelated group of emotionally significant ideas, feelings, memories and impulses that are completely or partly repressed, and that give rise to psychic conflict leading to abnormal mental states or behaviour (Informal) a disproportionate concern or anxiety about something : there’s no point having a complex about losing your hair AnContinue reading “Christmas present complex”

Good morning world

Looking at Greater Manchester This is the view from the 12th floor of my new office. It overlooks Ancoats towards the north east of Manchester. Frankly, there is not much to see. With Manchester’s signature red-brick and the crumbling remains of the industrial hey-days, Ancoats can be pretty much an eyesore. But I believe regenerationContinue reading “Good morning world”

Just from looking at a skirt

This morning I forgot about the game. The game where I spot Mr and Mrs Cole first before they spot me as we walk in opposing directions to work on Market Street. Most of the time I lose, because I am either looking at my feet or listening to music. Once I had Dave EmmettContinue reading “Just from looking at a skirt”