Movies like music videos

One of the reasons I love Sofia Coppola is because she makes movies like they’re music videos. Her collaboration with AIR from The Virgin Suicides (1999) followed by Lost in Translation (2003), is the secret to the dream-like quality of her films. What amazes me is how she manages to make a movie out ofContinue reading “Movies like music videos”

When we feel for the bad guys

The greatest writers in the world create the most human characters; characters who remind us of ourselves, of people we know, characters we love and characters we love to hate. But what happens when you fall in love with characters you shouldn’t, like the bad guy? I have been watching too many films and readingContinue reading “When we feel for the bad guys”

The European dream

Aunts Christine and Becky in London c.1960 Many have heard of the American Dream, but few have heard of the European Dream. The American Dream for many is the pursuit of freedom and happiness in a land rich in opportunity and resources to achieve a better, richer and fuller life. The European Dream, however, mayContinue reading “The European dream”