Fame in 60 Seconds: Valerie Yap

Valerie Yap is a sister’s close friend who lives in Melbourne, Australia. Born in Singapore but raised in the Philippines, she is currently finishing her psychology degree at Melbourne University. Val wows her audience with her powerful voice and guitar tunes, and is a big fan of the Aussie music scene. She enjoys Coldplay, WhiteContinue reading “Fame in 60 Seconds: Valerie Yap”

West Side Story musical review

Friday 12th September Royal Northern College of Music SHE’S a Sharks girl, he’s a Jets boy. They fall in love amidst gang rivalry and tragedy befalls the star-crossed lovers. This Romeo and Juliet -themed musical is no stranger to audiences worldwide. Simply replace the Capulets and the Montagues with Puerto Rican immigrant rival gangs SharksContinue reading “West Side Story musical review”