The best of Georgetown (pt.II)

Here is the second part to my previous post ‘The Best of Georgetown’. No matter how many times I visit Georgetown, it’s still as charming as ever. Everytime I go into this historical part of town to run an errand, I can’t help but stop to take a few pictures – I really don’t thinkContinue reading “The best of Georgetown (pt.II)”

The best of Georgetown (pt.I)

No matter how many times I visit Georgetown, it’s still as charming as ever. As a native Penangnite, it’s fair to say that I have a lot of pride in my hometown. I love being a local tourist here, seeing as I my family have always lived in the suburbs and we’re not from thisContinue reading “The best of Georgetown (pt.I)”

Georgetown at night

For my Christmas trip back home this December, I had the chance to wander around Georgetown at night with my trusty Olympus EP3. It’s always a surreal walk around this part of old Penang, as it’s so dead and quiet at night with the exception of a few bars. The backpacker scene centred around ChuliaContinue reading “Georgetown at night”

Eating durian with my grandpa

On my first day home for the Christmas holidays, my grandpa goes out to the market and buys me a durian fruit. Everytime I’m back in Penang, he gets me durian. It’s not exactly my favourite fruit, but I will eat it if he buys it for me. Instead of hanging around the kitchen waitingContinue reading “Eating durian with my grandpa”

Two weddings and a trip home

Day 0 Arrive 4.40pm, back home for Mum’s chicken porridge Shower, rest, dinner with grandparents at Ocean Green Sleeping with my sister Pulau Tikus shophouses Day 1 Woke up 8.30am, fetch sister to work 2 eggs, 2 buns, 1 kopi for breakfast Batu Lanchang market char koay teow United Hokkien cemeteries Tan Mark bookstore AfternoonContinue reading “Two weddings and a trip home”

10 days of Chinese New Year

Day 1: Arrive in Penang, kidney meatballs, lady’s fingers and home-made fish ball soup Day 2: Driving my sister to work, coffee with my favourite aunt, running errands in town Coffee and jam biscuits with my favourite aunt Day 3: Reading at home, afternoon tea time alone, housework at night Day 4: Washing the car,Continue reading “10 days of Chinese New Year”