Fragments of events from the past

Alone in Rome. Staying at Ciak Hostel on viale Manzoni. Eating dinner with a group of strangers. That quiet night walking alone to the Colosseum and back. Watching the 2,000-year-old edifice in the strange yellow light of the night. Popping in for a gelato, coffee and nut flavour. Giving my map away to random strangers.Continue reading “Fragments of events from the past”

Kids say the darndest things

Kids really do say the darndest things. I’m hanging out with a lot of children these days, and actually, I was one of those kids who said the darndest things. • Literal. Sis: What is a chicken’s offspring called? Me: Chicken baby! • Leadership. Chak la! Mang kia ti hi peng gong gong [Block theContinue reading “Kids say the darndest things”

When bubbleguy met athenanike

This is the story of how bubbleguy met athenanike and what they talked about last night. bubbleguy met athenike on mIRC (don’t pretend you don’t know) when she was 12 and he was 17. After many years apart, they met again last night in Gurney Drive. Over a dinner of char koay teow, lor bakContinue reading “When bubbleguy met athenanike”

Old soul of this city

I am the Old Soul of this City Please don’t kill me. Don’t break my windows Destroy my pillars. Where are my mosaic pavements My picture houses with balconies My grandfather’s house My mosaic tiles. My Peranakan treasures Don’t rob my grandchildren Sell my soul to developers The city lights they blind me. I amContinue reading “Old soul of this city”