Carpe diem Saturday

So 7 months into Singapore and I decided I haven’t been carpe diem enough. Because the weather was also sunshining baking hot last Saturday, I’m deciding to have no more lie-ins and to explore this island to the full…. beginning with my neighbourhood. along stirling road along stirling road leaves on margaret drive vintage bedroomContinue reading “Carpe diem Saturday”

Four days in KL

Four days in KL and so much to shout about. The Malaysian landscape. Imam melaungkan azan. Pandu lalu KFC. Surat khabar lama. Ramadhan bazaar. Sunway Lagoon’s keseronokan tanpa henti. Tomahawk, Pirate’s Revenge. Lost City of Gold, Butch Cassidy’s Trail, Apache Pots, Wagon Wheel, Grand Rapids. 15 Royce’s tiramisu wafers 12 macarons from TWG 9 ridesContinue reading “Four days in KL”

Another set of Manchester pictures

the weather has been great this week and when the sun comes out, the kids go out to play so i went traipsing around the city with my camera phone trawled the city for hidden gems looked at the ordinary + saw the extraordinary so here on display another set of photos on manchester granadaContinue reading “Another set of Manchester pictures”