Postcards from Penang (3)

Scenes from Georgetown, the capital of Penang, now a UNESCO Heritage Site along with Melaka. Georgetown is described on the UNESCO website as a “cultural townscape without parallel anywhere in East and Southeast Asia”. Photo credits to my sister. Pre-war houses from the 1920’s Floor tiles of a typical pre-war house Venetian blinds and grillContinue reading “Postcards from Penang (3)”

Fame in 60 Seconds: Jonathan Ong

Jonathan Ong is a 24-year-old photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. Originally from Singapore, Jon is currently in his final year of studying Communications Design in RMIT. He also shoots wedding and engagement photos for a career. Jon shares with me his love for Coldplay, grandmas and vintage – all of which have inspired his photosContinue reading “Fame in 60 Seconds: Jonathan Ong”