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A tribute to the annual haze Jerebu, jerebu Membebaskan udara kelabu Datang menjenguk Sambil mengangguk Jerebu, jerebu Mata direnjis debu Nafas kian terganggu Dan fikiran bercelaru Jerebu, jerebu Melancong dari … Continue reading

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A Singing Bird is Caged

Have you ever seen a dwelling place so dense? Where every man erects an invisible fence Claiming their territory, claiming their ground All the while looking 300 feet down It’s … Continue reading

October 21, 2015 · 1 Comment

I, Iago

For fans of Shakespeare, villains and mortals mere. #haiku #azhaiku #may #poetry

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Pelawat Asing

pelawat asing seperti makhluk asing anda tidak dijemput ke tanah airku budaya kami yang lemah-lembut tidak sesuai untuk pelawat asing sila beratur dilarang meludah amboi sudahlah pulang ke negara masing-masing. … Continue reading

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Island dreams Causeway lives Crossing streams Different teams. Kampung boys City girls Dotted lines Different worlds. Border fights City lights Kampung mice Chicken rice. MYR SGD Dollar one Ringgit three … Continue reading

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Suntec will steal your soul

suntec will steal your soul with its polished floors and marble cold air-conditioned walkways with underground tolls the fountain of wealth is waiting to swallow you whole it’s waiting it’s … Continue reading

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On the highway blue and green are real

On the highway blue and green are real Their hues are extremely bright Not like on computer screens On the highway blue and green are real They are not photoshopped … Continue reading

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Dead trees standing

he hangs the yellow wellies upside down by the side of the truck on the highway towards sedenak 22km to the next persimpangan on the lebuhraya 70 | 80 km/j … Continue reading

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