Still Yours

I am not a man that I should Want to ride a bike And prove myself worthy As your ideal and of your time Inside I am still a woman. No amount of war or Political injustice or history Or bumiputras or conspiracy Will ever connect but inside I looked up to you. Nor BlackContinue reading “Still Yours”

Their One True Glade

By The Glades at Tanah Merah Construction workers sleeping by the shade Next door at Bedok Ria Condominium Ang mohs sleeping by the pool. The sun for fair-skinned women The shade for dark-skinned men Toasting and sizzling their melanine To get the perfect shade of pink Where for one the sun is too much ForContinue reading “Their One True Glade”

The North-South Highway

Beyond the artery of the North South Highway Palm oil estates Tiny dirt roads Lead to village houses And kampung chickens And chequered sarongs Hanging out to dry And motorbikes parked By the roadside Leading to townships And shophouses And roundabouts And town centres With corner shops And kopitiams Into town centres And to brickContinue reading “The North-South Highway”

A Tragedy of Life: An Observation

To assume another character To absorb them until you become them Is a tragedy of life To deny yourself the opportunity to grow And discover yourself Instead you are looking anxiously left right And centre getting a feel of the world around you. When other people’s opinions become your opinions When other people’s feelings becomeContinue reading “A Tragedy of Life: An Observation”

Bentala Hijau

Akulah perantau Akulah pengembara Yang merintis tiap alammu Akulah pembonceng Akulah penumpang Yang menunggang jentera desamu Akulah penghuni Akulah pemukim Yang mengolah segala tanahmu Akulah pendatang Akulah pengkhianat Yang merintangi hasratmu Menghalangi tumpuanmu Tapi kaulah yang membangkang Membantah dan menghasut Ku ke Selat Tebrau dan Seluruh bentala hijau Bagaikan jenis asing Seragam khalayak buangan yangContinue reading “Bentala Hijau”